An analysis of the puritan themes in young goodman brown by nathaniel hawthorne

This analysis will break down the techniques that the author uses to critique the puritan society and to show the difference between how people appear to be in society and the true colors that they are hidden inside of them.

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How often theme appears:. But it is here that Hawthorne levels his most profound criticism of Puritanism. And so he abandons it.

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The themes represented by these symbols tend to represent sin and evil. Because man had broken the Covenant of Works when Adam had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, God offered a new covenant to Abraham's people which held that election to Heaven was merely a possibility.

The glare of contemporary reality immobillized his imagination. Such a world, the story suggests, is one at odds with the realities of being human, one in which no one who takes it seriously can live a good life because it is impossible to live a perfect one.

Some of these ideals are discussed in his "Young Goodman Brown". Themes in literary works can sometimes be better understood by analyzing the piece with a specific literary criticism technique. The story, then, suggests that the true issue is Puritanism and its internal logic, the way that it demands all goodness or none, perfect purity or eternally damned sin.

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