An injury that changed my life forever

Then my memory was gone.

small incident in my life

After six months, I finally left the hospital. Success breeds success. I realized that a good amount of time had passed. And finally, because there was no air bag, I had some facial damage.

I am changed forever, both physically and spiritually, all because of one tragic accident and the time it took to recover. I might have ended up a Division I athlete had I not gotten hurt.

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In those months immediately following my torn meniscus, I created all sorts of chair-eography. I spent most of my days watching TV, writing, or going to physical therapy. The events that occurred are from my perspective. You access the Sites and Services at your own risk. Imhof was working out in an exercise room when an elastic band broke on the exercise equipment he was using, causing part of it to strike Imhof in the face, breaking several bones and crushing his eye. I talked to your mom. Spring semester was the same, filled with long days and nights just to keep up in class. Being at less than full capacity taught me something about myself. My wife of 25 years left me. And, finally, I have significant hearing loss due to the head trauma. Neurological specialists tested my cognitive abilities to see how well I could process and remember information. Source: Instagram How a momentary mishap can change a lifetime.

What moments or events forever changed your life? I keep apologizing…then the moment passes and I want to pass out again, the pain is too much.

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The Challenge of Recovering From Life