Analysis of john smith s the general history of virginia new england and the summer isles

Smith is moved from Orapaks to the Youghtanunds to the Mattapients to the Pianatanks to the Nantaughtacunds to the Onawmanients and finally to the king's village, Pamunkey.

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From May, to September, those that escaped, liued vpon Sturgeon, and Sea-crabs, fiftie in this time we buried, the rest seeing the Presidents proiects to escape these miseries in our Pinnace by flight who all this time had neither felt want nor sicknes so moved our dead spirits, as we deposed him; and established Ratcliffe in his place, Gosnoll being dead Kendall deposed, Smith newly recovered, Martin and Ratcliffe was by his care preserved and relieued, and the most of the souldiers recovered, with the skilfull diligence of MrThomas Wotton our Chirurgian generall. Upon his return to Jamestown, Smith gives two cannons and a millstone to be returned to Powhatan and other gifts intended to please the women and children. Guards protect Smith from being killed by one wishing to avenge a dying son, but Smith assures his captors that he has 'water' that could save the dying man if he could return to Jamestown for it. Not long after from behinde a mat that divided the house, was made the most dolefullest noyse he ever heard; then Powhatan more like a devill then a man with some two hundred more as blacke as himselfe, came vnto him and told him now they were friends, and presently he should goe to Iames towne, to send him two great gunnes, and a gryndstone, for which he would giue him the Country of Capahowosick, and for ever esteeme him as his sonne Nantaquoud. Then all with their rattles began a song, which ended, the chiefe Priest layd downe fiue wheat cornes: then strayning his armes and hands with such violence that he sweat, and his veynes swelled, he began a short Oration: at the conclusion they all gaue a short groane; and then layd down three graines more. I find this particularly arguable because Smith essentially equates hard work with gain in Virginia and New England. But arriving at the Towne which was but onely thirtie or fortie hunting houses made of Mats, which they remoue as they please, as we our tents all the women and children staring to behold him, the souldiers first all in fyle performed the forme of a Bissom so well as could be; and on each flanke, officers as Serieants to see them keepe their order. Not long after, early in a morning a great fire was made in a long house, and a mat spread on the one side, as on the other, on the one they caused him to sit, and all the guard went out of the house, and presently came skipping in a great grim fellow, all painted over with coale, mingled with oyle; and many Snakes and Wesels skins stuffed with mosse, and all their tayles tyed together, so as they met on the crowne of his head in a tassell; and round about the tassell was as a Coronet of feathers, the skins hanging round about his head, backe, and shoulders, and in a manner covered his face; with a hellish voyce and a rattle in his hand. But his waking mind in hydeous dreames did oft see wondrous shapes, Of bodies strange, and huge in growth, and of stupendious makes. But finding plentie of Corne in the riuer of Chickahamania where hundreds of Salvages in diuers places stood with baskets expecting his comming. And thereat none need marvaile, if they consider the cause and reason, which was this; whilest the ships stayed, our allowance was somewhat bettered, by a daily proportion of Bisket, which the sailers would pilfer to sell, giue, or exchange with vs, for money, Saxefras, furres, or loue. Smith asserts that he would do all that he did over again if he is given the chance. To effect this, was spent another yeare, and by that, three ships were provided, one of Tuns, another of The President and captaine Archer not long after intended also to haue abandoned the country, which proiect also was curbed, and suppressed by Smith. Salvages, two of them hee slew, still defending himselfe with the ayd of a Salvage his guid, whom he bound to his arme with his garters, and vsed him as a buckler, yet he was shot in his thigh a little, and had many arrowes that stucke in his cloathes but no great hurt, till at last they tooke him prisoner.

Smith also states that the English are not interested in war and that they will not starve without any aid from the tribe. The Presidents overweening iealousie would admit no exercise at armes, or fortification, but the boughs of trees cast together in the forme of a halfe moone by the extraordinary paines and diligence of Captaine Kendall.

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Opitchapam the Kings brother invited him to his house, where, with as many platters of bread, foule, and wild beasts, as did environ him, he bid him wellcome; but not any of them would eate a bit with him, but put vp all the remainder in Baskets.

I find this particularly arguable because Smith essentially equates hard work with gain in Virginia and New England.

Analysis of john smith s the general history of virginia new england and the summer isles

Here, he is once again feasted and seemingly condemned to death. Some episodes may have been fabricated, condensed, or truncated, the most famous perhaps being whether or not he was actually "saved" from death by Pocahontas in a fact Smith did not write about until this publication.

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But now was all our provision spent, the Sturgeon gone, all helps abandoned, each houre expecting the fury of the Salvages; when God the patron of all good indevours, in that desperate extremitie so changed the hearts of the Salvages, that they brought such plenty of their fruits, and provision, as no man wanted. Furthermore, he asserts he never suffered great hurt at the hands of the natives. Due to the brutality and attacks of the settlers, the Powhatan have fled to the woods and thus not being able to help or provide for the settlers as they would like to. We watered at the Canaries, we traded with the Salvages at Dominica; three weekes we spent in refreshing our selues amongst these west-India Isles; in Gwardalupa we found a bath so hot, as in it we boyled Porck as well as over the fire. The settlers fail to understand that by using force and wanting vengeance will ultimately draw away the Native Americans. D and I. His writing is overtly persuasive in the final two sections.

This document was written by John Smith, so he might have not translated everything accurately. Much they marvailed at the playing of the Fly and Needle, which they could see so plainely, and yet not touch it, because of the glasse that covered them.

Finally, Powhatan tells Smith that he will hither forth be as a son and will be returned to Jamestown and given the land in exchange for two 'great guns' and a grindstone. Smith being the author of this book makes this document credible and reliable.

But when evill men shall iniuries beginne; Not caring to corrupt and violate The iudgements-seats for their owne Lucr's sake Then looke that Country cannot long haue peace, Though for the present it haue rest and ease.

His release is denied, but they carry a letter to Jamestown for him and return with the medicine and an answer for Smith.

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But when they departed, there remained neither taverne, beere-house, nor place of reliefe, but the common Kettell.

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