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Instead of going for a fancy and difficult menu with 10 dishes of paneer or chicken, it is always favorable to go for 4 dishes of veg and 2 dishes of non-veg, for example. Always have a visual block free logo with a simple design and a simple name. Your customers should be able to send a direct reply to emails that you have sent out.

Most people are not aware of how much better the items taste when they are prepared with the freshest ingredients and made with love.

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You should identify and include the list of restaurants with similar concepts as yours in your Restaurant Business Plan. At least after a buffer of months, go for the official and the hard launch, where you would invite all the named and ]famous people of the industry and even outside the industry like politicians, journalists, food bloggers, and critics.

Target Market Who is going to eat at your restaurant? Most important to us is our financial success and we believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality service and excellent food with an interesting twist.

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Design Incorporate some visuals. Thus what you plan to offer is an integral part of the restaurant business plan.

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Operations Plan The Operations Plan is an integral part of your Restaurant Business Plan as it includes how the restaurant would function in the daily operations. As mentioned earlier, Lily started cooking 20 years ago as a child in Greece. Singapore, a city state, is now becoming the model metropolis for Asia's new economic boom. As you pick up your pen, remember to include the following topics in your plan: 1. The menu will be inspired from different countries' specialties and appeal to a diverse clientele. Control costs at all times, in all areas and implement a conservative approach to growth policy. For example, as a new concept in the area, you can have a First Mover Advantage.

This is so because most of the time, new dishes are not simply added to the restaurant menu, instead, the menu is optimized. Since restaurant start-ups are so speculative our belief and commitment to our investors will be to pay a generous, predictable rate of return while not strangling our operational cash flow.

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