Diamante poem writing assignment

Write a "diamond" poem that relates to a specific issue or topic discussed in class. Antonym Diamante Poem The first step to writing an antonym diamante poem is to think of two nouns that have opposite meanings. Fine Arts Suppose your fine arts teacher has asked you to compare two different styles of art or music.

Synonym Diamante Poem The synonym diamante takes the same form as the antonym diamante, but the first and last words should have the same or similar meaning.

diamante poem writing assignment

Write a diamante comparing two planets that you have been studying. Think about how the characters are different. It's called a diamond poem because the finished product is shaped like a diamond. When completed, your poem should express a sharp contrast between two ideas or themes relating to theology of missions or for whatever course you are writing the poem.

Your job as a writer is to transition from the first noun to the opposite noun in your descriptive words. Think about the definitions of the concepts. Think about society's feelings toward the concepts.

The middle line should be the longest.

famous diamante poems

Think about the two different styles.

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How to Write a Diamante Poem