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This form of WWW apprehensiveness is similar to McCroskey's description of generalized-context communication apprehension, where an individual's apprehensiveness is not necessarily indicative of apprehensiveness in or toward other communication media.

Specifically the findings indicated that participants' general WWW apprehensiveness was notably related to the amount of time they spent online. Communication apprehension is defined as the anxiety or discomfort that is experienced by a communicator as he or she engages in communication behavior McCroskey, Although electronic payment schemes such as E-cheque and digital-cash are being introduced, they remain embryonic and much needs to be done before they can receive a wider acceptance.

Effect of Web site on turnover To find out if owning a Web site is currently making any difference to business, companies were asked about the effect of their site on turnover.

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As most brands of computers at the time employed very different rules for communication known as protocolsthe Department of Defense decided to develop a vendor-independent suite of protocols. Nevertheless, the search result will not clearly increase in the phenomenon of price dispersion i.

In spite of the issue of payment security, most of the companies observed have operated without sophisticated security measures.

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(PDF) The Impact of Semantic Web on E