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Religion Theodora was a monophysite Christian, believing that Jesus Christ's nature was purely divine, while her husband reflected orthodox Christianity, which holds that Jesus' nature was both human and divine.

As a result, Justinian ordered his loyal troops, led by the officers, Belisarius and Mundusto attack the demonstrators in the hippodrome, killing according to Procopius over 30, rebels.

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See Article History Theodora, born c. Unable to control the mob, Justinian and his officials prepared to flee. He also fought for the Monophysites, despite his own conflicting orthodox beliefs. Given that both the Emperor and his beloved Empress were alive when Procopius published this account, we can certainly see why he would give such a glowing account of her! It was then that Theodora was said to have conspired against him out of personal hatred. The Dinner Party Theodora place setting , — Shutterstock 3. Yet reflect for a moment whether, when you have once escaped to a place of security, you would not gladly exchange such safety for death.

Her words at that crucial moment were recorded by Procopius as follows: I do not care whether or not it is proper for a woman to give brave counsel to frightened men; but in moments of extreme danger, conscience is the only guide.

Given that both the Emperor and his beloved Empress were alive when Procopius published this account, we can certainly see why he would give such a glowing account of her!

InJustin, the emperor of Byzantium, and Justinian's father died. From Alexandria she went to Antiochwhere she met a Blue faction's dancer, Macedonia, who was perhaps an informer of Justinian.

Advertise Here Justinian was not to be so easily pushed from his throne, although it is Theodora who is credited with persuading the Emperor not to flee the mob but stand firm and fight.

John spends his time solving mysteries of his time period, making an enemy out of Empress Theodora, who commits a murder in one of the books that John must try and solve. We are rich, there is the sea, there too are our ships.

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Shutterstock 4. Getty Images Holmes, William Gordon. She shared in his plans and political strategies, participated in state councils, and Justinian called her his "partner in my deliberations. Updated July 22, Empress Theodora c. Theodora had a child at 14, and her older sister Comito, a famed singer, likely became mistress to several wealthy men; it's probable that both had several abortions. At the time, acting was not a highly esteemed occupation especially for women, so the term 'actress' was considered synonymous with the term 'prostitute'. They contradict Procopius by making Theodora the daughter of a priest, trained in the pious practices of Miaphysitism since birth. After his death, Theodora and her sisters needed to enter the workforce to survive. Antioch was the major city of Syria, one of the many provinces that were starting to question the supremacy of Constantinople — there would have been good work for spies on all sides. When he approached Theodora about the matter, she steadfastly refused to give up her position. It is impossible for a person, having been born into this world, not to die; but for one who has reigned it is intolerable to be a fugitive. At 21, Theodora returned to the capital and met Justinian. He calls her "Theodora-from-the-Brothel", lasciviously details her antics on stage — from allowing geese to peck grain from her lower torso, to dancing naked but for a ribbon — and has her saying she regrets God gave her only three orifices for pleasure. Her mother, whose name is not recorded, was a dancer and an actress.

She sometimes explicitly worked against her husband's support of Chalcedonian Christianity in the ongoing struggle for the predominance of each faction, especially at the edges of the empire.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica onlineshe was believed to have been born from a family where her father raised circus bears for the Hippodrome.

In it, the Byzantine Empire becomes a new playable faction, with Theodora at its head. Another excommunicated monophysite, Anthimus, was still hiding in the women's quarters when Theodora died, 12 years after the excommunication order.

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Biography of Empress Theodora, Byzantine Feminist