Information of herbivores

Large carnivores range from wild dogs and wolves to large predators like lions, tigers or crocodiles. Most of the time in their ecosystem, carnivores will prey on herbivores though they may eat omnivores or even other carnivores depending on what food is available. Caterpillar s eat leaves.

what is a omnivore

What is a herbivore? The larva e, or young wormlike forms, of root weevil s feed on roots. Herbivores can be further classified into frugivores fruit-eatersgranivores seed eatersnectivores nectar feedersand folivores leaf eaters.

Gorillas are a specialized type of herbivore called a folivore. Termite s are insects that feed mostly on wood. Herbivores in other Ecosystems Herbivores in the Desert In the desert there are many smaller animals that eat only plants. Very large animals like elephants, rhinos, and moose are grazers and browsers.

They can have a number of functions that disrupt herbivores such as inhibiting adenosine triphosphate ATP formation, molting hormonesor the nervous system.

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Since herbivores are able to get only a small amount of energy from each mouthful of their vegetarian diet, they must eat enormous amounts of food.

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Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores