Islam culture and nursing

Islam culture and nursing

International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition; 7, Few simple approaches can be taken to make the Muslim patient feel more comfortable. Safety of traditional healing methods Most folk medicines or substances are probably harmless but some may be unsafe; one example is kohl Box 2. Practice parameter for cultural competence in child and adolescent psychiatric practice. The staff should be sensitive to the patients need to receive visitors without compromising the clinical care of other patients. Lovering S Caring as an act of spirituality: a nursing approach. Edinburgh: NRS. The health professional should request permission before uncovering any part of the body, and this should be limited to the minimum that is necessary. Function There are several reasons to be culturally and spiritually sensitive to every culture and religion including the Muslim population. Healthcare professionals need to be aware of privacy and touch issues, dietary practices, and unacceptable medicines. If the medication is absolutely necessary, Islam permits its use. Rassool GH a Putting cultural competence all together: some considerations in caring for Muslim patients.

Hospital gowns should be long, with long sleeves. Olive Oil: Muslims use olive oil to prevent and treat ailments. A female patient avoiding eye contact with a male health professional should not be misinterpreted as lack of trust or a sign of rejection, but rather as a sign of modesty Al-Shahri and Al-Khenaizan, Pre-dawn and post-evening meals should be tailored, for example including carbohydrates that release energy slowly in the pre-dawn meal.

examples of cultural considerations in nursing

One method of combating this is to describe these disorders similarly as a physical ailment such as high blood pressure which may break down some barriers to treatment. Some believed that regular olive oil consumption helps reduce inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, thrombosis, and improves carbohydrate metabolism.

Some may view their mental illness as a weakness of faith, a punishment by God, or an affliction caused by a supernatural spirit, and therefore may feel that following religious doctrine will resolve their psychological distress.

health beliefs, practice, and priorities for health care of arab muslims in the united states.

Nursing Times; 14, The extended family is often consulted in all important decisions.

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