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KAP Wrap Students reflect on what they have learned in the lesson. The goal of the SAT writers, however, is to use the raw scores to create a set of scaled scores that fit a bell curve.

Jotting even just a few words to summarize each paragraph can help you get a handle on the passage and sharpen your focus. Students panic, rush, get overwhelmed, etc.

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Give them five minutes to read through page 4 and brainstorm specific strategies that maximize student participation. Kaplan's AP Human Geography offers many essential and ASK: Losing a quarter point sounds bad. Read the stimulus and find the evidence and conclusion. What happens if a student guesses on five questions? There is no guessing penalty for grid-in questions. ASK: What do you notice? The denial test is based on the idea that the assumption is something that must be true in order to link the evidence to the conclusion. On this slide, simply discuss the structure of the lesson. Turn to Session Guide p. Knowledge Performance 3 What causes the gap? Even if not everyone who voted for the Governor last year votes in the State Assembly elections, enough of them may vote to cause trouble for thruway opponents — if those voters support the project. As long as you know what to expect, follow some simple reading and testing strategies and practice using SAT sample questions and critical reading practice passages, you'll likely do well. Emphasize the following points: Each unit is divided into several lessons, and each lesson takes one class period to deliver. Note: The footer says Student Introduction on all the corresponding pages Steps for the Activity: First, explain to teachers that they will take the test in their session guide on Roman numeral page v.

Some students who perform fine in class are not performing well on standardized tests. Provide an example to get things started: Critical Reading and Writing: The first page of instruction has a lot of text to read.

Read quickly to gain an impression of the whole essay. Have pairs share out some of their ideas to the group.

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Kaplan Advantage: SAT Critical Reading and Writing