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While sustainable fisheries management is a challenge, solid global and regional governance of these vital resources will ensure that we can produce enough fish for those living in poor regions. Fish farmers do not sell fish directly to consumers in the market.

A sustainable approach to fisheries and aquaculture will help to protect our natural resources and ensure that fish stocks are available for future generations. An efficient marketing system enables the consumer to obtain fresh fish fresh at a reasonable price.

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Nikaries are local traders. Sustainable, productive fisheries and aquaculture improve food and nutrition security, increase income and improve livelihoods, promote economic growth and protect our environment and natural resources.

Fish marketing in india

Assembly centres with proper facilities for berthing, landing and auctioning, with ice plants, cold storage, freezer storage, freezer plants and transport facilities have been developed in landing markets [24]. These markets are well connected by road, river and rail. A marketing system for fish includes transportation to and from the market, handling, storing, packaging, sorting, merchandizing, etc. The least informed party is the fisherman, because of his physical isolation from the markets. Nikaries are local traders. During the summer and rainy season, fish spoil quickly. Strict grading, sorting and price tagging are ignored in retailing. The supply of ice much improved during the s. Hence, the market functions differently for different players.

Physical facilities need to be improved. Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture are vital to reducing hunger and poverty for millions You are here Home Today, fish provides more than one billion poor people with most of their daily animal protein.

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