Review of literature on stress management in it industry

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We have listed potential organisational, individual and personal interventions that were used and found to be helpful. If you view a situation negatively, you will likely feel distressed— overwhelmed, oppressed, or out of control. Brooker A, Eakin J. Work Stress ; — Furthermore, many participants highlighted working conditions, such as physical environment, unsociable working hours and under-staffing, as causes of their work stress, the harmful effects of which have been identified in previous research.

It was conceived of as pressure from the environment, then as strain within the person.

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So yeah, if I'm stressed, as long as I can, I'll often leave work at a decent time and go for a run and come back to work or go take my computer home and go for a swim and then do some more work.

Basic Books, Tell me a few things about your job How do you find your job with regard to demands, pressure, working hours, etc.?

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(PDF) Work Stress of Employee