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PowerPoint Shortcut Tip Be careful when erasing the Ink on screen as there is no way to un-erase that ink. They eliminate a bunch of micro-decisions and mental hoops your brain otherwise has to process to get a task done. Increase Height Big Step Increase height at bottom edge in a big step. End a slide show: [Esc] Help during slide show displays these and other keyboard shortcuts : [F1] Note: You can also right-click anywhere on the slide show screen for a shortcut menu with many of these same actions. There are many more useful features in PowerPoint that are relatively unknown to most presenters. The spontaneity of drawing on screen gives life to boring presentations. Pressing B or W second time will pick up the show where you left it. If you use the shortcut a second time, you will make the ink re-appear. With a little bit of practice, these PowerPoint shortcuts will seriously cut down your build time, make your slides look more polished and professional and get you to Happy Hour. You can draw any shape you want to highlight an area or underline a sentence etc. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. The second method is to use the All Slides dialog box.

If there are keyboard shortcuts you want to learn and you can only learn 2 or 3 a day, break it up. To easily jump to the 20th slide in your presentation, after you start your slideshow, simply hit the slide number on your keyboard and then hit Enter.

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Increase Height Small Step Increase height at bottom edge in a small step. The Benefits of Using Keyboard Shortcuts One of the main reasons to learn your keyboard shortcuts is they eliminate mental stress and anxiety.

If you know the exact number of a slide you want to go to, enter the slide number and press enter. There are some situations when you will need to jump around in your presentation.

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In this article, we will explore some of those useful Power Point shortcuts when you are in the slideshow mode. Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Navigation To quickly navigate around your presentation use these single keyboard shortcuts or shortcut key combinations.

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Using the Ctrl key with the four arrow keys makes it easy to move to the beginning or end of a word or paragraph. Repeat steps to turn off after printing handouts. Display a black or white slide in slideshow mode For a black slide, press B or.

It requires juggling all sorts of PowerPoint stuff like charts, tables, pictures, object formatting, text, and shapes, and then there is the delivery of the presentation itself. The point being that your brain can only make so many decisions a day before it basically shuts down.

Start Slideshow from beginning When you are ready to start your Slide Show from the very first slide in your presentation, in all versions of PowerPoint, simply hit F5 on your keyboard.

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