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And the corporate support he received in this endeavor echoes today.

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Any other action would be in violation of my ideal of academic freedom—that is, to teach the truth as guaranteed in our constitution, of personal and religious freedom. The jury conferred for only nine minutes before returning a verdict of guilty. It is possible that Bryan, who cared deeply about equality, worried that Darwin's theories were being used by supporters of a growing eugenics movement that was advocating sterilization of "inferior stock. Darrow wanted to know if Bryan really believed, as the Bible asserted, that a whale had swallowed Jonah. Wells will consent," Rappalyea predicted. American Experience. The sort of faith he represented could not adequately be presented or justly parsed in a court of law. Broadly, the case reflected a collision of traditional views and values with more modern ones: It was a time of evangelism by figures such as Aimee Semple McPherson and Billy Sunday against forces, including jazz, sexual permissiveness, and racy Hollywood movies, which they thought were undermining the authority of the Bible and Christian morals in society. In , the case of Kitzmiller v. As expected, Judge Raulston denied the defense motion. When reporters suggested to him that Bryan died of a broken heart, Darrow said "Broken heart nothing; he died of a busted belly. Darrow began his interrogation of Bryan with a quiet question: "You have given considerable study to the Bible, haven't you, Mr. Completing the prosecution team in Dayton were present and former attorneys general for Eastern Tennessee, A. He eventually became a petroleum engineer. First, there had been the great European migration to America in the s.

Scopes, who had substituted for the regular biology teacher, was charged on May 5,with teaching evolution from a chapter in George William Hunter 's textbook, Civic Biology: Presented in Problemswhich described the theory of evolution, race, and eugenics. Close this pop-up window to remain on this page State v.

Supreme Court. He mocked the town's inhabitants as "yokels" and "morons".

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After spending the previous Friday impaneling a jury most members of which turned out to be churchgoing farmers , all parties gathered for the start of the real legal drama on Monday, July 13, Intelligent Design Supporters of both sides claimed victory following the trial, but the Butler Act was upheld, and the anti-evolution movement continued. Advocates on both sides of the case quickly resorted to shirtsleeves. The prosecution objected, arguing that the testimony was irrelevant to Scopes' guilt or innocence under the statue. Bryan accused Darrow of attempting to "slur at the Bible. The Butler Act was repealed in She wrote : Is climate change education the new evolution, threatened in U. As expected, Judge Raulston denied the defense motion. What I found was a country town full of charm and even beauty—a somewhat smallish but nevertheless very attractive Westminster or Balair. Bryan claimed that "if evolution wins, Christianity goes. Fear of great social change animates a longing for the "old certainty" of creationism. Bryan was asked about a whale swallowing Jonah, Joshua making the sun stand still, Noah and the great flood, the temptation of Adam in the garden of Eden, and the creation according to Genesis. Postscript "Science has explained everything it could explain and will continue to do so," Ginger wrote 55 years ago as he was wrapping up his book.

More than newspaper reporters from all parts of the country and two from London were in Dayton. After expressing concern that the courtroom floor might collapse from the weight of the many spectators, Raulston transferred the proceedings to the lawn outside the courthouse.

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Sources Summer For The Gods.

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What the Scopes Trial Teaches Us About Climate