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I am barely aware of the words that issue form my mouth. He can't in all conscience refuse what I've said " In ninety-year-old Hagar Shipley, the restless, crotchety, and proud protagonist, Laurence creates a memorable character who reveals what it is like to be very old, physically frail, dependent on others, and tormented by memories of the past.

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In her mind she more or less associates death as a horrible nightmare of which she will eventually wake up and everything will be a dream and life will return back to normal. Her thoughts are: "How it irks me to have to take her hand, allow her to pull my dress over my head, undo my corsets and strip them off me, and have her see my blue-veined swollen flesh " Her fate is already pre-determined for her and she cannot do a thing about it. Yeh, her. The Stone Angel is also a realistic portrayal of life in the prairie towns of western Canada from the late nineteenth century to the Depression of the s and beyond. Every good joy I might have held He could surely say something. Although she was unable to shed tears after the deaths of her close family members, Hagar is, ironically, moved to tears one day on a bus. I had to laugh. He turned and went outside I felt I must pursue him, say it was a passing thing and not meant. Even now, I detest petunias"

As Hagar got older she required more care. While lying in bed, very close to death, Hagar reveals her feelings to Marvin with unprecedented honesty: "'I'm - frightened. He says "Funny you put me in mind of someone Because of her upbringing, Hagar was always proud of the way she and her relatives dressed.

He would lean across the counter, spreading his hands, and smile so wonderfully you'd feel he welcomed the world" 9.

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She rages 'against the dying of the light' with the same wrong-headed spleen that she had always displayed in the counterpoint present her pride is heroic" J. That's the indignity of it" Laurence, Hagar, however, soon remembers the lengthy conversation they'd had the night before and is able to forgive Mr.

Hagar is still scared but she realizes that she cannot battle or change God's plan: "The light is on beyond that open door.

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The Stone Angel Study Guide