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That may open the door for a great showing for the Buckeyes in the conference tournament.

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Since there are 64 teams in those brackets, the most basic calculation is the number of possible outcomes for 63 games picked randomly. The Gophers have been up and down throughout the season, which is why they were on the bubble late.

He conceived functional designations for players, coining terms such as quarterback.

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Three years later, the continuing mayhem prompted the Harvard faculty to take the first of two votes to abolish football. Bruno Fernando is an all-Big Ten first-team selection who is averaging a double-double Nobody could yet imagine the revenue bonanza that television represented. The Gophers have been up and down throughout the season, which is why they were on the bubble late. Pinterest A mini-documentary shot while Fall was still in high school has garnered over 2. Much better that 1 in 9 quintillion for sure, but still almost so low as to be negligible. But what a performance by Seton Hall to finish the regular season. A journalist who was not yet 30 years old, he was an appropriately inauspicious choice for the vaguely defined new post. An at-large bid is awarded to any team chosen by the Selection Committee for its performance during the season.

Jordan Nwora Welcome to the official bracket game of March Madness. That would be 2 the number of potential winners for each game to the 63rd power the number of games in the bracket.

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Exactly who they are — and in what order — is still up in the air. But Washington surged to the top of the subpar conference. The windfall covered—and then far exceeded—what the organization had lost from football.

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This is a team that beat Wisconsin and Purdue but also lost in the first round of the Big Ten tournament to Nebraska. The Terriers finished the regular season on a game winning streak at three of those four losses came against Top teams, two in the Top Since Paxton was planning to go back to school and not accept their draft offer, the Blue Jays no longer had any incentive to protect him—indeed, they had every incentive to turn him in. The NCAA sentenced Green to a four-game suspension for violating his amateur status with the illicit profit generated by selling the shirt off his own back. That type of star can take a team far in the tournament. I have no respect for people who do that to young people. Chris Beard moved to the top of the national coach of the year lists. Duke had lost just two games this year when Zion played the full 40, but his injury has left a big hole.

The Rams were in first place in the conference, on the year, and had just won 12 straight.

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NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions